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Bass lodge offers the angler kilometers of river access much of which is privately owned and otherwise inaccessible. Your stay at Bass Lodge will give you access to rivers and streams that, for an average bushwalker, can easily be walked along. This type of fishing is exciting and should not be underestimated. You will find yourself in full "stealth mode", creeping up on deep water pools dotted along these rivers at river bends and where logs and boulders have become trapped by the river or stream. The shadows and snags offer the fisherman plenty of challenges and opportunities to place that perfect cast and secure that prized "trophy" photo. This type of fishing is not only exciting but can also be very productive - as many bass tend to spend the warmer months upstream, sometimes in unexpectedly small pools. A great example of land based bass fishing (that is at Bass Lodge’s very doorstep) is provided by Georges Creek. Bass Lodge is located at the Junction of the Macleay River and Georges Creek and Georges Creek winds up past Bass Lodge, through private property and towards Point Lookout to the north. This section of pristine "skinny water" is not available to the general public. The walk along Little Georges Creek is beautiful and in general easy. You should however be prepared to cross shallow sections of the stream, negotiate low hanging branches and dodge some thistles that may at times line the foreshore. The rewards of walking the banks are well worth the effort as this is some of the best land based freshwater fishing you can experience. The stories to be told on the Bass Lodge balcony over a cold drink will be rich and many. A quick look at the topographical maps available at Bass Lodge will demonstrate that there is a plethora of other streams that can similarly be accessed. Often when the main river is high and less clear, these smaller streams offer a great option meaning that a stay at Bass Lodge can cater for all conditions.

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