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New to January 2018!

GUIDED TOUR DATES from Bass Lodge have been released and are now available to book! Dates are 26th February -5th March 2018 AND 9th April - 16th April 2018. Details here. For detals see below. Book here
Premium packages start from $676 per angler and include the following
-          Professional guide
-          Lure based fishing
-          1 skinny water bass session – 7 kms of exclusive and pristine land based
-          Macleay River afternoon and evening fishing sessions in canoes
-          4WD trips
-          2 nights accommodation at Bass Lodge (including linen)
-          All meals provided.
-          BYO Alcohol
-          Spa provided
-          Linen (sheets, pillow cases, towel and facecloth) provided
-          Gear provided
-          Bass Lodge Shirt
Value packages are also available and start from $596 .

There are a total of 4 tours available with bookings taken on a first-in-basis (Two tours can be sheduled between 26 Feb 2018 - 5th March 2018 and a further wo tours between 9th April - 16th April 2018).

Tours are to be operated by David Copperthwaite of Wild River Tours who will accompany your stay. Pick ups from Armidale or Kempsey can also be arranged.

Fly fishing: If you are interested in having a fly-bass fishing trip with a professional guide (max 2 people) on exclusive water, supported by a self-catered stay at the famous Bass Lodge then make an enquiry here and provide us your preferred dates.  We will get back to you immediately treating your enquiry as a priority. Please like us on Facebook and visit our webpages as we announce the tour dates for 2018.

1st January 2018 Bass Lodge fishing trip: Sam and I had a terrific day in the skinny head waters of the Macleay River system on the last day of 2017. Walking the banks, we managed 16 fish all between 40 and 45cm. Here is some pictures of the fish and the scenery.
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