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The number and variety of activities available to you at Bass Lodge are extensive. You can enjoy yourself without leaving home or take short or long day trips to explore the extensive National Park system that surround Bass Lodge. Some of these activities are summarized below.

Stay at home:

Do it yourself: With Bass Lodge as your base camp you have immediate access to the Macleay River. The river immediately in front of Bass Lodge is stunning with a large area of river that is easily accessed.  The fresh water deep pools are ideal for swimming, or canoeing. Georges Creek is wonderful for family activities including floating down the gentle stream and rapids on a surf mat, Li-Lo or inner tube. Fishermen can walk or canoe up and down the river, chasing the many Bass and other fish that inhabit the river. The area in front of Bass Lodge is there to explore with an estimated 174 bird species and 39 mammal species that inhabit the area, the diversity of life is stunning.
You may prefer to chill-out on the Bass Lodge verandah or possibly in the spa. It’s really up to you as to what and how much you do.

Certainly, you do not need to leave Bass Lodge to enjoy yourself and many people choose simply to relax and enjoy.

If you do want to venture further then read-on….

Get dropped off or picked up for your river trip
Tag along or accompanied 4WD trips

Contact Steve Smith on 0468411967

Take a short tour:

Within an hour of Bass Lodge there are plenty of places to visit that will sparkle your interest. We have identified a number of these options for you below and provide links to web sites from which you can find out more.

Towards the highlands (Armidale)

Wattle Flat: Within half an hour of Bass Lodge you can visit Wattle flat which is positioned on the beautiful and untouched Styx River. Platypus abound in this river. Your best time to see these magical creatures is in the early morning or late afternoon. Look for the concentric rings that radiate from the gentle animal usually following a slow rise of the platypus.

Point Lookout: Point Lookout is a beautiful lookout that looks down from the New England National Park onto the coastal valleys and plains below it. On a clear day the view is fantastic and you will not be disappointed. The surrounding vegetation comprises Antarctic Beech and sub-tropical rainforest housing some absolutely massive trees. Flame trees break up the foliage making it spectacular.

Oakey +Styx River and Dam: The Oakey river is a lovely river that has been dammed to provide hydro-electricity for the surrounding region. The road to Armidale passes over both the Oakey and Styx river offering scenic and contrasting views of a truly wild river and the peaceful still water of the dam.

Dutton Trout Hatchery: The L P Dutton Trout Hatchery is located 3Km within the New England National Park, 25Km south from Ebor along the Waterfall Way and within an hour of Bass Lodge. The hatchery was developed in 1925 by the late Les Dutton near Guyra but was transferred to its present location on the Serpentine River in 1949.

The hatchery is open to the public and produces rainbow trout and other species that are then dispersed throughout the New England river systems.

Wollomombi Falls: Wollomombi Falls is located on the Waterfall way approximately half way towards Armidale (~35-40minutes drive). These falls are a single drop and are one of the highest vertical falls in the Southern Hemisphere. The surrounding gorge is simply stunning in its vastness and steep incline. Hikers can explore the canyon below or walk around the rim. Don’t forget your camera for this opportunity.

Ebor falls: Ebor falls should not be missed. The two beautiful cascades are picture perfect and only a short walk from the road.

Halls Peak: Halls peak is assessable only through permission of National Parks and has a locked gate and vehicle restrictions. Lucky we have the keys and licenses to enter this area. Halls Peak is simply a terrific day trip from Bass Lodge and a must for those who really want to explore the gorge system above Bass Lodge. Your adventure starts with a heart starting 22 degree decline into this area. This 4WD trip is much easier than walking and opens up a wonderful opportunity to be on the Chandler River in what is otherwise a remote and inaccessible place.

Towards the coast

Tailors Arm: This is the original “pub with no beer” town as depicted in the song by the late Slim Dusty. Why not see if the pub has improved in its service of cold beverages?

Have a coffee at Bellbrook: Bellbrook is a small river town that has not lost its authentic Australian way. The Bellbrook general store has an enormous collection of teaspoons from around the world. Try counting them and you will know just how many. The Bellbrook pub is located high above the river and a great place to spend some time.

Take a full day tour:

Whether you wish to take a drive or 4WD through one or more of the 21 National Parks that surround Bass Lodge or whether you would like to set afoot to walk the many trails on offer there are limitless opportunities to satisfy your adventurous spirit. A day trip enables you the time to truly explore and experience what is on offer, all within easy distance from Bass Lodge.

Surrounding Bass lodge is a ring of National Parks that are each unique in their own ways.

North: To the North is the Cunawarra National Park Slightly which is one of the least well known or explored National Parks in NSW. Further to the North is Cathedral Rocks National Park which is an extremely high section of the Great Dividing Range, offering views of ancient rock that tower towards the sky.

South: To the south are the Willi Will and Wirrikimbe National Parks. These parks are beautiful in their own rights

East: To the East and North East is the New England National Park which is impressive for its rainforest and beautiful rivers that run through it.

West: To the West is the Oxley Wild River National Park. This is an incredible National Park of wild rivers and enormous gorges. The Carrai tops can be seen from the Lodge verandah. Much of this park is rarely accessed by human kind. To the North is the New England National Park which is impressive for its rainforest and beautiful rivers that run through it.

Armidale lies approximately 70 minutes to the west of Bass Lodge and is well worth visiting - especially during the autumn months when the leaves of the many deciduous trees make for a most beautiful and colourful setting. This vibrant town is thriving. Country-style shopping is a local past-time and there are  many long-term local and larger retailer outlets. Stay and have a coffee at one of the many outdoor eating venues that line the main street.

Kempsey lies to the east of Bass Lodge on the mighty (downstream) Macleay River. The drive to Kempsey from Bass Lodge hugs the river for most of the way and there are many stops where you can stop and enjoy or perhaps drop a line. The Macleay River at Kempsey is an enormous tidal river and highlights the enormous catchment area that lies upstream towards and beyond Bass Lodge (some 11,385km2 worth of catchment area!). Follow the river all the way to its entrance at South West Rocks where you can view the beautiful coast line and river entrance. We recommend that you visit the historic ruins of Trial Bay Jail during this trip

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