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Canoe Based Fishing

There are many canoe-based fishing trips that can be made from Bass Lodge. Trips may range from only a few hours through to several days. The following are some of the best options and trips can be guided or non-guided. We can assist with drop-off and
pickup services for unguided trips allowing you to use the river flow toyour destination and avoid the need for paddling upstream.

Canoe trip 1
Bass Lodge – Riverview (2-4hrs, 3.5km)
Dropping the canoes into the river immediately in front of Bass Lodge, the canoe trip to Riverview is very pleasant with large sections of wide slow-flowing pools interspersed with short sections of low grade water that can usually be easily navigated. This trip is perfect for an early morning or late afternoon session (making use of the best time to fish)

Canoe trip 2
Bass Lodge - Flying Fox (5-8hrs, 12km) Dropping the canoes into the river immediately in front of Bass Lodge, then using the rivers flow to guide you to your destination makes for an exciting and enjoyable fishing trip. The river journey to Flying Fox from Bass lodge takes you through some of the Macleay Rivers best country. The massive cliffs and hills of Flying Fox rise steeply above as you drift down through the windy river bends. The many sections of gently flowing river are broken by several low grade rapids meaning that you will, at times, need to get out of the canoes and walk. These sections of the river are however only 15-50m in length and the banks can be easily walked. Canoes can either be assisted down the rapids or taken out and walked. If you choose a guided tour then our guide will look after you and your gear at these points. If you choose to do this yourself then please take appropriate care and respect the river. The fishing in this area is, of course, very good with many overhangs and snags along both sides of the river providing a perfect habitat for bass. There are also many larger boulders that slow up the river, create feeding eddies and make perfect conditions for a bass ambush for the prepared angler. Don’t miss the opportunity to cast or troll over the gravel beds, which at times can be very productive. Your trip ends at Flying Fox which is privately owned and not accessible to the general public. Don't forget your camera as there are photo opportunities of the river and huge mountainous backdrops of the country from which you have just come from.

Canoe Trip 3
Dyke River- Flying Fox (1-2hrs, 1 km) The Dyke River joins the Macleay River 11 km to the east of Bass Lodge. Canoes can be placed close to where the Dyke River joins the Macleay. There is some good canoe-based fishing to be had in this stretch of the river including several large gravel beds, rocky outcrops and plenty of native vegetation overhangs to flick your lure into.

Canoe Trip 4
East Kunderang - Bass Lodge (5-8hrs, 8km) East Kunderang can be accessed by road, or depending on river height, by driving up the rivers edge (includes several crossings). East Kunderang lies to the west of Bass Lodge in the rugged wild rivers section of the Macleay valley. The river in this area is suitable for canoes. Most of the river is calm with many long, slow and deep pools. These sections of the river are broken by short sections of rapids where you will need to exit canoes and walk them a short distance over the gravel beds of the river. The Bass fishing opportunity between East Kunderang and Bass Lodge is sensational. This region has very few access points to the river and the fish have a perfect habitat in which to live and feed. Your only concern should be landing your cast and enjoying the fight of a quality bass. You should expect the fish to be waiting in ambush for something interesting to land close by and be prepared at all stages for a hookup. The trip from East Kunderang to Bass Lodge can be undertaken over a full day or shorter, depending on your own preference - we can drop you to those locations that best match your needs.

Canoe Trip 5
Halls Peak - Bass Lodge (3-4 days, approx 40km)
Halls Peak is 1hr 20minutes drive from the lodge being upstream and to the west of Bass Lodge. Canoe trips to Bass Lodge will require two or three overnight stays - depending on the speed at which you wish to travel and river conditions. You will need to be prepared to camp with reasonably basic camping gear (eg; as much gear as can be fitted into a large barrel). The feeling of remoteness and the pristiness of the area will astound and amaze you. Planning your trip needs to be carefully managed however and you should carry necessary safety gear with you at all times. We suggest that you finish your trip off in the spa at Bass Lodge.

Canoe Trip 6
Halls Peak – Halls Peak (2hrs to a full day)
Access to the Styxx/Chandler river via Halls Peak from Bass Lodge takes about 1 hr and the river at this point is approximately 40km upstream - being one of the highest entry points into the Macleay river catchment and gorge system.

Unguided return canoe trips from Halls Peak camp ground can be taken both up and downstream. We can get you there but commercial ventures into this area are not allowed owing to some sections being proclaimed as wilderness. The entry to Halls Peak is locked. We have a key and all forms required to enter this National Park and can get you there for your exciting journey.. Additionally, the 22 degree incline means that only certain vehicles can use the road. Just getting there is in itself heart stopping! More information can be gained by visiting [link:1][/link:1]

.......and dont forget to finish your trip off with a nice warm spa at the Lodge.

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